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11 Inspiring Concepts for Toilet Cabinets over the Rest room

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Looking to improve your bathroom? Don’t forget about the space above the toilet. There are lots of great ‘over the toilet’ shelf and storage ideas. In this article we’ll look at 11 inspiring bathroom shelves over the toilet ideas.

11 inspiring bathroom shelves over toilet ideas 11 inspiring bathroom shelves over toilet ideas

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1. Simple Wooden Shelves with Corner Braces

The ladies at “The” did a great job on their small bathroom makeover. They utilized some simple wooden shelves to give the space a great aesthetic and punctuated all the white with green foliage.

Photo Credit: The

2. DIY Floating Shelves

Floating shelves above the toilet can add a nice decorative touch while providing more storage.

The photo below is from On her blog she has instructions on how to make these cool shelves.

Photo credit:

Video Tutorial

If you have some basic tools (a circular saw and drill) then you’ll be able to make your own floating shelves by checking out the video below. He does a great job of explaining the process and making it easy to understand.

3. Other Floating Shelves

Below is a “floating” shelf made by SODUKU and is available for sale on Amazon. It is currently very well-rated (4.6 stars out of 5) with over 2,200 ratings. They screw into the wall through the metal piece at the back of the shelf.

It comes with the separate towel holder – which you may not want right above your toilet – so you can mount it to a wall near your sink or to the side of a cabinet.

Click the picture to read reviews on Amazon

4. Industrial Pipe Shelves

There are lots of DIY options for building your own industrial pipe shelves, but if you want a “ready to install” kit check out this product from GWH.

(It is available on Amazon).

Industrial Pipe shelves for bathroom shelves over toilet ideasIndustrial Pipe shelves for bathroom shelves over toilet ideasClick the picture to see details on Amazon

5. Simple Wood Shelves (with Wicker Storage Baskets)

Here are some simple, yet lovely wooden shelves. This is from the blog Shelley Jacobsen Design.

She used wood boards that were 2-feet wide, by 8-inches deep and metal angle brackets. It looks good, and thanks to the large baskets she can store a lot of stuff in there (and not have it visible).

Photo Credit: Shelley Jacobsen Design

6. Stand-up White Cabinet with Shelves

Here is a good ‘over the toilet’ cabinet with shelves if you don’t want to mount anything to your walls. I like how it has some doors so everything doesn’t have to be out in the open.

Click picture to see details on Amazon

7. Sideways Baskets (Wicker)

Check out this cool idea from the Spruce Your Nest blog. She tipped some baskets over and screwed the bottom of the baskets to the wall.

Photo Credit:

8. Sideways Wooden Crates

This would work well for “crate” style baskets that you see at all the home decor stores. But if you want make some DIY crates check out this article from Tracy at soulstyle. She did a great job making rustic-looking crates.

Photo Credit: soulstyle

9. Ladder Style Shelves

If you are handy you could make ladder-style shelves like this pretty easily. But if you prefer a store-bought solution, check out this product by VASAGLE.

It is available on Amazon and is currently rated 4.3 stars out of 5.

Click picture to see more details on Amazon

If you don’t want white ladder shelves, the company UTEX makes a well-rated gray version.

Click picture to read reviews on Amazon

10. Hanging Rope Wooden Shelves

I love the look of this rustic wooden shelf by RedRoanSigns on Etsy. If you want to support a “made in America” maker, you can check it out on Etsy.

Click to check out this awesome shelf on Etsy (Opens in a new window)

11. DIY Wooden Shelves

I was pretty excited when I came across this wooden shelf. I feel like I could make this too. (I don’t know if it’d turn out as well as this though.) You could store extra toilet paper on it and it makes a great display for artwork.

Photo Credit:

I hope you have enjoyed this list of bathroom over the toilet shelf ideas. Shelves above the toilet like this can really help you organize your bathroom and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Were any of them inspirational for you?

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