You are currently viewing 13 Indoor Plant Shelf Concepts You’ll Need To Replica Now!

13 Indoor Plant Shelf Concepts You’ll Need To Replica Now!

So if you spend any time on instagram and you love plants, you’ve probably become really familiar with the #plantshelfie, right? And even if you haven’t, every good plant parent needs awesome indoor plant shelf ideas to show off their plant babies! So we are sharing our very own plant shelf ideas, along with some from our favorite plant Instagram accounts. Because we all love our plants, so let’s show them off! And none of us mind if you steal our best ideas, promise.




Awesome Indoor Plant Shelf Ideas

So these first few plant shelf ideas are from our very own home. We love our plants so much that they truly have become part of our family, like pets! And we use them in our decor, because what is better than a living plant in any, and every room! And if one is good… well at the moment, we have over 50 indoor plants in a 700 square foot condo. Yep, we have a problem. And we’re totally ok with that.



Ikea Plant Shelf Ideas

We used an Ikea Expedit bookcase and turned it 90 degrees away from the wall to allow light in from both sides. Then we used it to display some of our fav houseplants! This Ikea plant shelf idea also makes a major design impact… When you open the front door of our small condo, the first thing you see is this plant shelf, filtering the light and the view, and filled with bright, healthy green plants! Remember the trick about turning the shelf away from the wall… it allows so much more light to reach the plants, resulting in happier, healthier and prettier plant pets!


Wondering what these plants are?  From left to right, starting at the top…

Top of plant shelf – Pothos, baby Boston fern, heart leaf Philodendron

Second Row- English ivy, maidenhair fern, Tillandsia. (Air plant)

Third row- Tillandsia , Pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant)

Fourth row – Pothos, prayer plant

Bottom Row – Rhipsalis, Schefflera (umbrella plant)


We made a floating plant shelf from the ones you can buy at Ikea for less than $10. Make sure you anchor it into the wall though, plants can be very heavy, especially when they are freshly watered. Here we have a spiderwort, prayer plant, a snake plant and a pothos. There is a small air plant sitting on the shelf as well, along with a glass vase I use to propagate cuttings.


DIY Plant Shelf Ideas from Instagram


Easy Window Plant Shelf Idea

This window plant shelf is super simple… If you don’t already have a wide window sill to place your plants on, have a board cut to fit the sill and attach with small nails. Make sure it is at least six inches wide if you plan on displaying larger plants there, like shown here! Throw in a cool corner shelf, and a couple of minimal plants stands, and you have a perfect plant display!


Cool Plant Stand

Another option is to just buy a really cool plant stand that adds to your decor, like this round stand @helloplantlover shared. These plant shelves hold all terra cotta pots, which really helps to make the display look “pulled together”. No, the clear glass vases don’t count. These are guidelines my friends, not rules.


Indoor Plant Display Idea

Another window plant shelf idea that is pretty self explanatory. Would love to get my hands on that variegated Monstera though!


NOT a Plant Shelf

So, this is NOT a plant shelf, but we couldn’t help including it. I mean, those plants!


Plant Wall Shelf

So Justina Blakely from ‘Jungalow’ helped to start the indoor plant craze. This plant wall shelf is so easy, and you can get this type of shelving at any home improvement store. This is cool because you can adjust the height of the shelves to match the height of the plants you want to display. Also, the gold supports? Pretty! I’m thinking a can of copper spray paint might be another cool way to go…


Floating Plant Shelf Idea

We are in love with this floating plant shelf idea because it isn’t just plants. As much as we love our little green flora babies, we love good design too. Mixing your plants in with other accents is a great way to create a look that accentuates the whole home by sharing your personality too, not just your plants. And if you want to DIY this look, check out our post on DIY Floating Shelves!



DIY Plant Stand Ideas

If you want some place to put your plants that has character, then consider making your own DIY plant stands. You could use thrift store finds to create the pedestal or column and simple wood rounds from the craft store for the base and top. Screw it all together well, and make sure your base is slightly larger than your top, for balance. Old lamp bases or stair balusters are great ideas for a start.


Hanging DIY Plant Shelves

These floating plant shelves are great, but sometimes you want to get a little more creative, right? Wire storage grids are a great way to hang planters on the wall. Drill holes in the back of your planter pots, then use “S” hooks to hang them on the grid.


Plant Wall

If you have a wall that gets just the right amount of light, you might just want to totally go for it and create an entire plant wall. You can customize it to fit the entire wall by DIY’ing the whole system. Check out our post on DIY Bookshelves for ideas.  We made an outdoor living plant wall over at TGG you might want to check out as well!


Plants on Stairs

Ok, maybe you might want to leave just a little room for the humans in the house, but this is a time honored idea for displaying your plants! Just make sure there is enough light before you line the stairs with every single one of your prized houseplants.


Boho Plant Shelf Ideas

If you love Boho style, (and who doesn’t?), then check out these plant shelf ideas. Rattan coffee tables, vintage desks and macrame will take you a long way towards that Boho look. And if you love Boho as much as we do, check out our Modern Boho Chic Home Reveal for more ideas!

Got enough ideas to create your own #plantshelfie? Want more plant love? Check out our posts, 13 Stunning Indoor Vertical Garden Planters, What are Air Plants, and Cool Plant Stand Ideas on our sister site ‘The Garden Glove’! And if you want to grow your own plants, learn how to build a Homemade Greenhouse!


13 Indoor Plant Shelf Ideas You’ll Want To Copy Now!

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