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6 Highest Blind Nook Cupboard Pull Out Organizers

How To Choose A Blind Corner Organizer

Blind corner organizers can look a bit complicated. Don’t get me wrong…they can be more complex installations than your typical pull out baskets or other storage organizers.

Here’s are few helpful things to keep in mind when selecting a pull out blind corner organizer:

Do you have existing shelves inside the cabinet?

You’ll most likely have to take any existing shelves out of the blind corner cabinet before installing a pull out organizer. There are some organizers that do mount to an existing shelf, but most require and use the whole space.

Choosing the right size

This is where the most headaches occur. All blind corner cabinet sizes are not made the same. This is something to watch out for when selecting a pull out organizer for this type of cabinet.

Measure the opening width of the cabinet as well as all inside dimensions. The organizer will need to fit within these dimensions for optimal operation.

Watch out for interfering appliances

This is something to consider when choosing a blind corner organizer. The organizer will either swing out towards the left or swing out towards the right.

Having the organizer swing out can potentially interfere with appliances that operate next to the blind corner cabinet. Be sure to double check for compatibility with product dimensions and where you will place it within your kitchen.