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Your dining room is one of the most common gathering zones in your home after the living room. Since this is one spot where family members gather over a warm meal, it’s worth enhancing with some dining room decor. Apart from just having a tidy table, there are a multitude of dining room decorating ideas…

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Your dining room is one of the most common gathering zones in your home after the living room. Since this is one spot where family members gather over a warm meal, it’s worth enhancing with some dining room decor. Apart from just having a tidy table, there are a multitude of dining room decorating ideas that you can explore for an interesting design.

Whether you’re looking for a modern dining table design or dining room decor items to use at home, you’re bound to find it here. So, if you’re wondering how to decorate a dining room, check out this list of dining room decorating ideas to get started. 

#1: Dining Room Decorating Ideas With Lighting Options

dining-room-decorating-ideas-with-lightsPendant lights are a great way to anchor your space in an open-floor layout

Lighting is a no-brainer when it comes to dining room decorating ideas, as it instantly uplifts the look of your space. While chandeliers are a typical option for your dining area decor, you can also achieve a more contemporary design with sleek lighting options. 

Lanterns, pendant lights and cascading bulbs are a few examples of the fixtures you can use for your dining room decorating ideas. Similarly, there are a variety of styles you can choose from, and they help you create a beautiful focal point.

#2: Dining Room Wall Decor

dining-room-decorating-ideas-for-wallShow off your favourite artworks by dressing your walls with them

A great way to bring in an element of art into your dining room decorating ideas is to choose artwork that speaks to you. This way, you can easily lend a personal touch to your space while going about dining room decorating. 

Hang a quirky painting or an illustration or even a framed photograph to elevate your dining room wall decor. You can even add a mini blackboard to scribble recipes or drawings every now and then. If you’re wondering about how to select the right dining room wall decor, check out these 5 Effortless Ways To Pick Art For Your Walls.

#3: Dining Table Decor Ideas Featuring Indoor Plants

dining-room-decorating-ideas-with-plantsLove plants? Use them as dining table decoration items!

Nothing works better than incorporating some natural elements while dining room decorating. Plants serve as great dining table decor ideas for your centrepiece. Similarly, you can also put plants and flowers in the corners to lend a positive and fresh spin to the ambience. They cost next to nothing and brighten up your dining table decor beautifully.

#4: Mirrored Panels for Space-Optimisation

dining-room-decorating-ideas-with-mirrorsCreate the illusion of space with a full-length mirror in your dining area

Apart from elevating the look of your modern dining table design, mirrors create the illusion of space. In this above setting, the mirrored panels play up the length of the large dining area. Similarly, if your dining room is in a very narrow space, you can add depth by adding a tall mirror as dining area wall decor.

#5: Dining Room Decorating With Statement Pieces

dining-room-decorating-ideas-for-furnitureYou can make a bold statement just with your choice of furniture, wallpaper or lighting

With just a single statement piece, you can set the tone of your space while setting up your dining room decor. You can either make this happen with a modern dining table design, or you can introduce accent chairs and wallpaper to add to the look of your dining area decor.

warli-dining-room-decorating-ideasAre you a fan of warli art? If so, why not bring it into your dining room decor?

Similarly, the warli wall art in this dining area beautifully complements the furniture, thus creating a cohesive look. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed.

#6: Bring in Some Texture With Rugs

dining-room-decorating-ideas-for-rugYou can add textural contrast to the space with a stylised rug

Out of all dining room decorating ideas, rugs are the easiest way to play with textures. Most Indian homes today have an open layout, and rugs are the best way to demarcate the dining space from the adjoining kitchen or the living area.

Similarly, Indians love wood finishes and most dining area decor have wooden furniture. That leaves us with plenty of rug colours, prints and patterns to pair with a versatile colour like brown.

#7: Decals as Dining Area Wall Decor

decals-for-dining-room-decorating-ideasCustomise your dining area with your favourite decals

Walls have immense potential to change the design of any room. For the same reason, decals as dining area wall decor can work wonders in lifting the vibe of your space. Not just that, it’s an extremely fun DIY project to try out as well! Here are some useful tips to follow while applying wall decals.

#8: Painted Walls Never Go Out of Style

feature-wall-dining-room-decorating-ideasGo for a bold contrast with a one-wall paint job in dark colours

Simply painting one wall of your dining area in a different colour can change the mood of your space. Choose cool blues, appetising reds or happy yellows — whatever you feel reflects your personality best. These dining room decorating ideas are not only pocket-friendly but easy to follow too, leaving you and your guests always looking forward to mealtimes!

#9: Feature Wallpaper Helps Add Personality 

dining-area-wall-decorGet the best of colours and patterns with a unique wallpaper for the dining room

No attempt at dining room decorating is complete without looking at some fun wallpaper ideas. Similar to painting one wall of your dining area in a different colour, you can achieve the same look with feature wallpaper. Go for colourful prints and patterns if minimal interiors aren’t your thing. 

#10: Dining Area Decor With Accent Chairs 

dining-room-decor-itemsAn accent chair is a great addition to any space when you want to make a statement

We’ve covered how you can make a statement with your walls and modern dining table design. But in addition to how to decorate a dining table, what about some ideas for your dining chairs? To liven up minimal interiors, all you need are some accent chairs in bright contrasting colours to bring in vibrancy to your dining room decor. 

#11: Colour Ideas for Dining Room Interiors

colour-ideas-for-dining-roomPastels, neutrals, colour-blocking and more

There isn’t really a set rule when it comes to choosing the right colour ideas for your dining room interiors. The choice you make solely depends on the type of interior style you’re going for. Moreover, it also depends on how well these colours blend with the rest of your interiors. Choose from neutrals to light pastels if you like to keep the space calm and airy. 

#12: Play With Your Ceiling Design 

how-to-decorate-a-dining-roomThe ceiling’s the limit when it comes to dining room decor

Who said the walls and floors are the limit when it comes to dining room decorating? If you’ve run out of dining room decorating ideas, looking upwards might be your best bet. Here, you can even choose to play with different materials such as wood, POP or wallpaper for your ceiling design. 

#13: Use Storage Solutions as Dining Area Wall Decor

dining-room-wall-decor-with-storageAllow your walls to double up as storage space with the clever use of in-built shelves

Storage is always a blessing to have—even more so in crowded dining rooms. So, if you’re in need of multifunctional wall decor ideas, built-in shelves are the way to go. These shelves also double up as storage spaces and display units based on the way you use them in your dining room decor. 

#14: Dining Table Ideas to Explore for a Modern Dining Table Design

modern-dining-table-design-for-homeMove your dining table to the balcony for meals with a view

Besides the same old types of tables you’re used to seeing, why not explore some modern dining table design options too? Choose from wood, marble or even glass for an interesting look. Other than materials, you can also look at dining table ideas for placement in unconventional spaces such as the balcony. 

#15: Ideas on How to Decorate a Dining Table

how-to-decorate-a-dining-tableCoasters, placemats, table runners and more: what to choose?

The first thing you might think about when it comes to decorating your dining table is probably the centrepiece. Go for flowers or plants as your centrepiece if you prefer keeping the dining table decor minimal yet fun. 

To boost the functionality of your dining table decor, you can also consider adding a lazy susan turnplate to make items on the table accessible to all members at the table. Other dining table decoration items to consider include: coasters, condiment trays, chic table runners and fun placemats. 

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