Of course, you will have to measure carefully before making a selection. Available in an array of heights and widths, you’ll need to ensure that the cabinet you choose will fit your space, not just your needs. Ultimately, the deciding factor will come down to looks. Whether it’s wood or metal, shelves or cabinet, the finish and trim of the cabinet must fit your bathroom style and complete the space. Some offer a traditional feel with arched accents, decorative detailing and an overall warming aura. Contrarily, some are more modern with crisp lines and simplistic features. The proper piece will match your bathroom fixtures in a multitude of finishes, such as white, bronze, bamboo, brushed nickel, teak, pewter, and more. Whatever style, Bed Bath & Beyond’s assortment of bathroom storage will help you find one that’s just right. When it comes to a home improvement project, adding over the toilet storage is one of those small projects that will make a huge impact – you’ll be glad you did it.