10 pcs Air Plant Holder Crystals Zen Garden Kit Rake INCLUDES 5 Crystals Healing Stones Amethyst Cluster, Rose Quartz…


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Many of us do not have the luxury of time and space to maintain a full-scale Zen garden. However, we can all have a slice of tranquility with mini Zen gardens that can be placed on a desk or table indoors. Our Air Plant Holder Crystals Zen Garden fits well at home or in the office, on the office desk, kitchen table, corner desk, table top, coffee table, book case, and more! With 5 Natural Crystals and miniature accessories, this sand box can provide endless fun with the patterns, arrangements and designs.

This is a thoughtful and beautiful Air Plant Holder gift for your family, friends, colleagues, clients. It is appropriate for all occasions, from birthdays, Valentine’s Day, housewarming parties, weddings, Christmas, farewells, etc. They will appreciate your kind generosity!

Triangle – a reminder to keep your body, mind, and soul balanced and one. Be you, be centered, be confident ✌️

There are many benefits to owning a Zen Garden:
-Create beauty and serenity at home or in the office.
-Relieve stress and anxiety.
-Increase discipline, focus & mindfulness.
-Express creativity.
-Provide conversation and entertainment for clients or guests.
-Acts as a therapeutic sand tray for kids or stressed or distracted adults.
-Improve your Fengshui.

✓ Beautiful Gold or Silver 7″ tray
✓ Zen Rake: for creating calming waves and smoothing out the sand
✓ 1 Purple Amethyst Cluster from Uruguay – Size: 1.5″-2″
✓ 1 Rose Quartz Raw Chunk from Madagascar – Size: 2″-2.5″
✓ 1 Blue Calcite Raw from Mexico – Size 1-1.5″
✓ 1 Citrine Rough from Brazil – Size 0.5-1″
✓ 1 Amethyst Raw from Uruguay – Size 0.5-1″
✓ 1 Faux Air Plant
✓ Fine Sand
✓ Gold Rock Chips

As these are natural crystals please allow for a little variance from item to item. Crystals shown are for illustration only to demonstrate variation in appearance.