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The most productive garage cabinets you’ll be able to purchase

  • You can get storage shelves in many different styles to suit any room, whether you need sturdy garage shelving, better kitchen storage, or small decorative shelves. One of the most versatile shelves you can buy is the Seville Classics 5-Tier UltraZinc Steel Wire Shelving With Wheels. It’s a strong shelving unit that’ll get your stuff in order.

When you see a room in your house that permanently looks like someone is attempting to convert it to a garbage dump, you may just close the door and wish for the cleaning fairy to pay a visit. 

Sooner or later, though, you have to come to terms with the fact that there’s no cleaning fairy and you have to open that door. We’d suggest that you only open the door when you’re armed with the right tools to truly have success fighting this battle. Shelves can help you organize the clutter, whether you’re looking for practicality, style, or both in your storage shelving. With shelves, you’re sure that every object in the room has a place, which helps with the organization in your home. 

Types of shelving

Different types of storage shelves work better in certain areas of your home than others, as Ideal Home discusses. For example, Overstock says storage shelving units like bookshelves work great for storing books and displaying items, but they don’t work well for storing large, heavy items.

  • Bookshelves: Although bookshelves work primarily for storing books, you also can use them to store pottery, knickknacks, and digital media.
  • Door shelving: Some shelves hang over the top of a door, allowing you to gain a little more storage space in a closet or pantry by taking advantage of the space behind the door. Because most people naturally open a closet or pantry door slowly, you don’t have to worry about objects flying off the shelves as the door moves.
  • Hanging shelving: Hanging shelves will be placed on a wall, usually by screwing brackets directly into wall studs. The boards of the shelves then rest on or attach to the brackets.
  • Metal shelving: Rectangular shaped metal shelves have vertical supports on all four corners that also serve as support legs. The solid metal shelves attach to the vertical supports. These metal shelves can hold a lot of weight. Most metal shelving units contain at least four shelves.
  • Plastic shelving: A plastic type of shelving is similar to the metal shelving in terms of design, but it is entirely made of plastic. The molded plastic shelves snap into the plastic support columns. Plastic shelving is surprisingly strong, but it’s not as sturdy as metal shelving.
  • Wire shelving: Wire shelving is similar to metal shelving in design, and the thick wires are made of metal. However, because wire shelving has gaps in the shelves, it only works for larger objects. Smaller objects would fall though the gaps. The metal in wire shelving can handle heavy objects well, as Home Advisor says, but not quite as well as solid metal shelving. Some wire shelving units use wheels on the base of the support columns, making them easy to move.
  • Shelving in furniture: Some pieces of furniture have storage shelves built into them, such as TV stands, coffee tables, or entertainment centers.

Certain types of shelving handle weight better than others, so consider the type of weight the shelf must hold before picking a shelf design.

Installing shelving

According to This Old House, Pottery Barn, and All You, installing storage shelving is a job most people can handle themselves with the right tools. Here are some ideas you need to think about for installing shelving.

  • Secured to a wall stud: A floating or hanging shelf on a wall must be secured to a wooden wall stud. If you don’t know where the wall studs are behind the drywall in your room, you’ll need a stud finder to ensure the screws go into the studs, as drywall alone cannot support the weight of the shelf.
  • Brackets secured: Some larger types of shelves, such as bookshelves, must be attached to a wall stud through a bracket that’s also attached to the back of the bookshelf. This ensures the bookshelf will not tip over easily. It’s a safe means of securing a bookshelf.
  • Free standing: If your shelf will be free standing, such as a metal or plastic shelf, be sure that it is properly leveled. You don’t want a wobbly shelf because one support leg is not firmly on the floor.

Once you’ve decided which type of shelf will best suit your needs, it’s time to find it. We’ve gone over expert and buyer reviews to find the best storage shelving you can buy online. We’ve included a few different types of shelves to suit different needs. Read more about our picks below.

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Here are the best storage shelves: