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Most sensible 10 Best possible Wall Fastened Cabinets in 2020 Evaluations

Gone are the days when people purchased regular shelving units for storage purposes. Recently, most people buy wall mounted floating shelves as they are compatible with walls and bring out a unique outlook on the walls. The wall-mounted shelves bring an effect of floating that is why it was given the name floating shelves.

Although it seems simple and easy to purchase the wall-mounted shelves, there is a high chance that you are not going to get what you need on your walls. It is because of different varieties in the market today each with a different science behind its making. That is why before making any decision, you should understand what you need it for and its location on your walls. In our reviews below, we have categorized the top-rated wall mounted shelves so that before making any purchase, you know what you want.

#10. Giftgarden Floating Shelves

If you are searching for multifunctional wall mounted shelves then Giftgarden is our best recommendation. It is a set of three and one of the best ways to add display space in your household and reducing clutter. It is suitable for your bedroom, kitchen, office and any place you desire. More so, it fits any décor due to its decorative design making it a suitable alternative for your blank wall. Also, it fits all the factors of consideration which is why we recommend it. You can rely on it as the boards are of wood and the brackets are of metals thus durable. You can assemble it very quickly as the installation procedure is very simple and there is no need for an expert. Its overall size is large then you can use it for any purpose.


  • Very sturdy; thus holds heavyweight objects
  • Super easy to install
  • The decorative design brings an elegant outlook
  • Best value for money

#9. FURINNO Rossi 3 -Tier Wall Mount Floating Corner Radial Shelf, Espresso

For a limited wall space in your room then the FURINNO shelf is the best alternative. The creative design makes it suitable for use in any corner of the house. The sizes are small thus suitable for holding photos, awards, CDs, and any other collectibles. It is made of composite wood material and making it durable and easy to install and adjust. More so, the installation process is very simple thus no need for hiring an expert. It is a set of two coming at a fair price thus worth to purchase. Considering it as one of the top-rated products in the market today, we find it best to consider because its features, decorative design, and holding capacity makes it unique.


  • Easy to install
  • The holding capacity of 3lbs per shelf makes it stable
  • Composite wood material makes it strong and durable
  • Attractive and space-saving


  • May easily break if not properly handled during installation

#8. Veken Floating Shelves wall Mounted Set of 3

Veken products are of rustic wood designed to fit wall décor. What makes it unique is the wood combined with metal brackets making it sturdy enough and durable. The shelves are multipurpose thus you can use it for storage or organizing documents and photos. More so, they are resistant to rust thus long-lasting. Another outstanding feature is that the board is 6 inches wide which means you can use it for any purpose and makes it suitable for all your needs. Moreover, it can withstand a maximum weight of up to 40lbs; thus you can use it in your office, kitchen, or bedroom.


  • It’s durable and sturdy enough to hold heavy objects
  • Suitable for any home décor
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Attractive and space-saving


  • You may get smaller shelves than expected if you do not read the descriptions fully

#7. Super Island Wall Shelf Set of 2

One of the top best-rated products in the market today is the competitive sugar island wall mounted shelves. It is because of the bamboo wood used in its making thus unique than the previous shelves. Although most of the metal brackets are always seen publicly, the super island product has hidden wall brackets. The design used in its making makes it suitable for use in hardwood and solid walls. The bamboo lines are very clear and attractive thus suitable for décor. More so, the coat furnish is clear making it a waterproof wall mounted shelf. After installation, you can use it for storage or add your photos, collectibles, books, treasures and so on. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, sitting room, and office. The large 16inches length makes it more suitable.


  • Comes in a set of two
  • It’s easy to install
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sturdy and durable enough as it is of strong material


  • Customers complain of poor mounting thus falls off easily

#6. WUDEBHOM White Shelf for Wall

As a customer with high expectations, meeting a wall-mounted shelf with durability and style is what you expect that is why we recommend WUDEBHOM. It is a set of 3 stylish shelves made of high-quality E1 MDF and wood material. The large shelves have lengths of 11.8/15.9/19.7 inches respectively. That means it is suitable for all your needs. Its design is suitable for all lightweight items; thus suitable for use in an office, bedroom, living room, and so on. Moreover, another outstanding feature is the installation as no connectors, screws, or brackets are visible. The round corners of the board ensure your safety so that you are not hurt in case you knock yourself.


  • Sturdy and durable enough due to its sleek flat surface, material, and straight edge line
  • Works as expected
  • Its brackets are not visible after installation
  • Holds up your devices, photo frames and so on perfectly

#5. SODUKU Floating Wall Mounted Shelves

While talking about unique and high-quality wall mounted shelves then SODUKU product tops the list. The shelves are of radiata pine wood of high quality with damp proof and heat resistant capabilities. It also comes with a removable towel holder that can be placed in any area of preference in your household. You can use it your bedroom, living room, office, bathroom, kitchen and so on. More so, the maximum length of the wood is 16.53 inches which means it can fit all your needs. The maximum holding capacity is 30lbs thus reliable.


  • Durable as the boards are of woods and metal brackets
  • Lightweight thus suitable for light items
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • The additional towel holder makes outstanding

#4. Mkono Rustic Wood Floating Wall Mounted Shelves

As its name suggests, Mkono product is one of the best companies producing quality and durable wall mounted shelves in the market today. It is because of its design that makes it suitable compatible with modern or natural décor, and rustic. Another outstanding feature is the material. Unlike other shelves, it is of paulownia woods and metal brackets. That means it cannot be handcrafted and moldy. Its large size of 17 inches in length gives you enough space to organize your photo frames, collectibles, crafts, or plants. More so, it is also versatile thus you can install it in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and so on.


  • Installation is very easy
  • It is of premium quality thus durable
  • It is sturdy enough and works as expected
  • Easy to maintain as the board is under anti-mildew treatment

#3. Emfogo Floating Shelf with Drawer Rustic Wood wall Shelves

While talking about the price of money, Emfogo’s product is one of them. It is an outstanding wall mounted 2 set shelf designed for main bedrooms. It is because of the additional two drawers on the shelves that make it outstanding from others. The drawers will assist in the storage of household and car keys. You can even store DVDs, pens, notepads and so on to avoid misplacing them. More so, the holes behind the shelf make its installation simple. Also, the shelves have a maximum holding capacity of 22lbs that means it will hold up a couple of most knick-knacks in your house. It has a total length of 12.4inches thus space-saving. The package comes with clear hardware and instructions so it won’t be difficult to install the shelves


  • It’s of carbonized black color thus suitable for any house style and décor
  • It is easy to install
  • Durable as it is of solid wood
  • The shelves are multifunctional

#2. Sagler Floating Shelves With10 Square Cube Wall Mounted shelves

It is one of our topmost rated products that you should consider before making a purchase. As its name suggests, it is an espresso finish wall mounted shelves design to perfectly suit your bedroom or living room. It is of wooden boards and high-quality MDF laminate making it suitable for all kinds of hardware. The biggest shelf measures 31 inches which means it accommodates all types of things.
The 10p cubes make it possible to store any type of your belonging whether photos, flowers, and so on. The holding brackets and screws are not seen making it a perfect floating wall mounted shelf.


  • The 10 cubes make it multifunctional
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and sturdy enough
  • It is worth is price

#1. BOLUO Gold 3 Tier Wall-mounted Shelf

It is our top product in reviews to consider before making any purchases. From its name, it is a gold 3 tier shelf that is what makes it outstanding. The maximum length of the board is 23.6 inches which provide you with ample storage for your bedroom or living room. It holds up to 30 lbs which are one of the highest if compared to the rest. Its frame is sturdy enough as it is of durable solid rod metal and wooden shelves. The installation procedure is simple as the package comes with a mounting accessory kit. You can also adjust it to whatever length you want to provide you with free storage.


  • The luxury gold and white color makes it unique
  • The installation process is easy
  • Performs as expected
  • The shelves are multifunctional

Factors to consider before purchasing wall mounted shelves

It is not easy to choose a new wall mounted floating shelf because there are lots of factors that you need to consider. Selecting the best will prevent you from financial loss or even sending it back to the seller and that can be very upsetting. Some of the factors that you should put into consideration include;


Wall-mounted shelves often come more than one. Most manufacturers design their shelves to be in a set of two or three. That means having more space to store the items is of value for money. You will know the number of sets by going through the descriptions. Our top products above have detailed descriptions making it easy for you to decide.


The type of material used by the manufacturers is crucial because it tells you more about the maximum capacity on what the shelves can hold. If you want a wall-mounted shelf that can hold electronic devices, vases laden, or books then a hardwood, solid pine or metal made shelves is the best option.


Paying attention to the dimension of the shelving units is important because most people are always confused by the photos of the product. Considering the total length is what will make you know what you are buying thus dimensions consideration is essential.


If you are not planning on finding an expert to install the wall-mounted shelf for you then considering an effortless shelf essential. Also, not everybody can fix manufacturers’ errors. You should pay attention to what other customers are saying about the installation process, as it has to be simple and easy not complicated.


Price matters most when it comes to the best value for money. You cannot pay lots of money for a poor quality shelf which is why you should consider our top best wall mounted shelves, customer reviews, and the material features. Moreover, that does not mean that the most affordable shelf is of inferior quality.


Wall-mounted shelves come in different colors, designs, and materials. There exist various models designed to fit in any kind of house décor. Wall-mounted floating shelves add beauty to your house thus making it outstanding. Understanding what you are going for is of great importance and by going through our product descriptions you will find outstanding qualities and designs. More so, it is important to spend your money on something worth that may last and hold even heavy – weighted objects. You should consider customer reviews before purchasing the product as it will give you a clear understanding and the real image of the product. In our top 10 best walls mounted shelves in reviews, we have considered all the factors you should consider and customer reviews. We are confident that purchasing any one of the products above is worth the purchase.

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