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Most sensible 6 Perfect Nook Cabinets Critiques For House In 2020

If you possess the rooms with limited spaces, the best way to maximize the storage space in these rooms is to make the most of Corner Shelves – a simple addition but a big impact. That means although the units are small, but most of them give you 3 or even 4 additional levels of space. Interestingly, your room will look aesthetic, stylish and practical.

With a wide variety of options available in the market, finding a corner shelfwhich suits your need can be a tedious task. That’s why we are pleased to give you this article here. We have tried some research and then ended up the Best Corner Bookshelves which might surely help you make your mind. Enjoy!

Top 6 Best Corner Bookshelves On The Market

#1. Convenience Concepts Oxford 5-Tier Corner Bookcase

Convenience Concepts Oxford 5-Tier Corner Bookcase

The high-quality corner shelf from Convenience Concepts is what you need in terms of beauty, modern, and convenience (as its name suggested). Made in creative and rustic design, it will add a chic and high-end look to your room. The small size does make space utilization totally effective, whether at home, in the office, or even anywhere else you’d prefer. It becomes a nice way to display your favorite books or other decor items, like vases and knick-knacks. Our favorite part is that the easy-to-assemble corner shelf features 1 “crossed X” design as well as many different separate tiers.

​So, are you ready to be creative with these tiers, such as a hall table to welcome guests, an impressive TV stand, a comfy storage ottoman, or simply a sparkling mirrored cabinet? About the price, we believe that you find it hard to buy the one like that with this price. Coming with the affordable price, this is one of the lowest priced but most effective corner shelves out there.

So, there is no need to waste time anymore? Let’s use it to show off your beautiful photos, flower vases, and other decorations right now!

  • ​Corner shelf
  • ​Crossed “x” design
  • ​Five shelves for storage
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Available with 10 colors
  • ​Come with difference choices, such as a frame book shelf, console table, coffee table, TV stand, etc.
  • ​Not sturdy enough to be a bookcase

#2. Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves

Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves Walnut Finish

​Although this is the Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelf, you are totally able to assemble and turn it to a 2, 3, or 4-tier corner shelf. Being trusted by a lot people, it has proved itself, through the sturdiness and long-lasting feature over the years. Most of users prefer to use it to place books, vases, beautiful things, etc. in the living room, kids’ room, bathroom, shower area or kitchen. To be honest, this is indeed a versatile space-saver.

The unit lasts for longer than expect, thanks to its material made from a durable MDF laminate. Weighing only 5.86 pounds, this 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelf is very portable, which becomes a strong benefit for women who can bring and assemble it without any professional. Furthermore, its dimension is 7.75 X 7.75 X 48.5 inches, that’s why it is so compact and can be attached anywhere.

Enjoy your shelf with a lot of attractive colors available!

  • ​Beautiful color finish fits any décor
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Long-lasting
  • ​Made of durable MDF laminate
  • ​5-tier wall mount corner shelves
  • ​Stylish and functional for your home, office, or even dorm room
  • ​Dimensions in inches: 7.75″ Length x 7.75″ Width x 48.5″ Height
  • ​Reasonable price
  • ​Functional and stylish design
  • ​Easy installation
  • ​Cannot hold the books vertically

​#3. Casual Home 5-Shelf Corner Ladder Bookcase

Casual Home 5-Shelf Corner Ladder Bookcase

​Right at the third position on the list of Best Corner Bookshelves is the Casual Home 5-shelf corner shelf – another highly trusted and well-known manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience. This ladder-style corner shelf allows you to make optimum use of the corner space around your room. Not to mention, it is consumer-centric in its design, which compliments any interior. Situating this unit into your home interior not only defines the theme of the living room and office, but also creates a breathtaking area.

​This 5-tier storage coupled with a modern design can form the part of any area of your home or office. It certainly uplifts the overall decor and keeps everything organized. Simply place your decorative stuff, photos, plants, favorite books for an easy reach, or anything you like. ​How can you say No with its look that has gentle slants and right angles? Easy assembly and lightweight are other outstanding features, which make using it simpler than ever.​​

  • ​5 shelves for placing things you want
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Maximizes the design and storage ability via the corner utilization
  • ​The stable design ensures safety
  • ​Ensures durability
  • ​Screw holes are small, resulting in shelf cracks

#4. Furinno Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Shelf

Furinno Turn N Tube 5 Tier Corner Shelf

​Furinno Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Shelf is called a unique corner shelf for its unbeatable qualities. It is the one worth spending money, trust us! We bet that everyone knows Furinno – the leading brand of corner shelf. It has penetrated the market with its beautiful, sturdy, stylish, and functional products worldwide. Not only does Furinno corner shelf suit every budget, but it also blends with any type of interior.

The particleboard is Malaysian particleboard, which is made under the green standards of production. ​Meanwhile, its material is from the durable and long-lasting recycled Polyvinyl Chloride. How great, huh? Many customers who have ever used the shelf always recommended it repeatedly. Greatly, no odd smell is released if there is something spilling on it. In addition, the display rack is also open in style and able to fit your places while a circle sector design works well with your corner in a complete manner.

Without a doubt, it is a corner shelf you are looking for!

  • ​Assembling just takes a few minutes
  • ​Light-weight and durability in which engineered particleboards are made of PVC tubes
  • ​Eye-catching and smart design
  • ​Affordable pricing
  • ​Small and compact
  • ​Be careful when you put a heavyweight on top of it

#5. Corner shelf – Espresso Finish corner shelf unit – By Sagler

Corner shelf - Espresso Finish corner shelf unit

Corner shelf – Espresso Finish corner shelf unit – By Sagler becomes a wonderful fit for those who are in need of a stylish, well-decorated, and functional corner shelf. Did I tell that it also saves much space for your home? Therefore, at first glance, a real space saver and décor enhancement are what you will get, regarding its benefits.

​Along with the reasonable price, you also receive the 100% satisfaction guarantee for any unexpected error. Whether you want to turn it as a bathroom corner shelf, home office, closet, kids room, living room, kitchen, or shower corner shelf, etc. the corner shelf always works well like a miracle. About assembly, it costs you only 5 minutes.

With the dimension of 7.75 X 7.75 X 48.5 inches, it is compact and easy to attach anywhere. We love its black color that totally blends with any interior. See! How modern and elegant your room is, with the presence of Corner shelf – Espresso Finish corner shelf unit – By Sagler!

  • ​The dimension is compact, which can fit any corner
  • ​Easy installation
  • ​Functional and stylish design
  • ​Comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • ​Great storage unit
  • ​Sturdy and stable
  • ​Black color to fit any decor
  • ​The floating shelf may be a little bulky

​#6. Danya B Decorative Floating Shelf Units

Danya B Decorative Floating Shelf Unit

​We finalize our review with this Danya B Decorative Floating Shelf Units. Believe it or not, it is one of the best-selling corner shelves on the market. Its first advantage is to add a creative and aesthetic flair to the interior decor of your home and office space. Furthermore, it is time to stay organized with the unit by placing all your favorite curios, knick-knacks, mementos, flowers, display items, etc. on it.

​Along with an ultimate space saver and eye-catching design, the shelf’s walnut finish also adds a contemporary look and an amazing factor to any home decor. Its additional durability and sturdiness are also ensured with its material made of laminate and MDF. When it comes to assembly, what a minor work you need to handle is to easily attach the screws to both sides of the wall.

Like other floating shelves, this corner shelf comes with a 7.75 X 7.75 X 48.5 inch dimension. That means it takes less space on your room floor and elegantly adds a chic and stylish look to your room.

  • ​An ultimate space saver
  • ​Walnut finish
  • ​Creative design
  • ​Suits any décor
  • ​Quite easily attaches with 2 nails or screws
  • ​Wood shelving for any room
  • ​Contemporary corner design
  • ​Perfect for photos and knick knacks
  • ​Easy installation does not work for all users

Factor to Consider When Purchasing the Best Corner shelves

A best chossen corner shelves are innocuous pieces of furniture and defines the theme of the interior of a house that you can fabulously personify the style you wish to put in a room or a given space.

The corner shelves aren’t only a place to display items, display photos, special ornaments or trophies in a great way, but they are also a useful place for solutions to store and maximize the space in your house. It brings a modern and luxurious design to the room. Furthermore, these shelves can stand the test of time and can hold a significant amount of weight depending on their thickness.

Some of the factors that you have to take into consideration when buying the corner shelves, there are many others, such as material, size, style, your budget, shape, reputable online store among many others

  • Purpose: Most of the corner shelves are used for displaying any item such as lamps, books, candles, special ornaments or trophies and anything that can be kept on the shelves. So, need to consider whether the material of the shelf can comply with the weight of the display items.

  • Durable material: Make sure you check whether it is made from durable material and determinant of many other factors such as beauty, and sturdiness. But, certain materials cannot bear too much weight and will snap or crack if heavy objects are kept on them. So, corner shelves made of metal and hardwood are quite durable than the others. Additionally, MDF wood also will be considered for our corner shelves. However, there are also some corner shelves that are made of glasses or plastic.

  • Size and Space: Depending on the size of the space you’re planning to place the corner shelf. Let us help you to consider choose from small corner shelves if you have a small or more widely space. Additionally, make sure you need to measure the height, width and depth available before buying a corner shelf.

  • Weight: Make sure you determine how much weight the shelf will need to hold. Furthermore, a slightly higher capacity than you need to ensure that the weight is fully supported.

  • Color: The best choice of color that will be help you feel cozier. Specially, adding brightly colored shelving like red, orange or yellow to a dark room will give the illusion of light and darker shades can make large interiors feel comfortable.

  • Price: Make sure you compare the price of floating shelves in different online stores before making the final decision. The corner shelves in our list are all cost-effective with your budget.

  • Design and Finish: A corner shelf that has a classy design will complement with your rooms décor. In addition, let you check and sure its color and shape that it will bring out elegance on your wall.

​Final Verdict

The list of Best Corner Bookshelves above hopefully gets you covered! We have researched and introduced to you only quality products from well-known brands all over the globe. These companies have all made an utmost effort and tested on their products, and you will be the best testers. We are confident that all the products listed above will somewhat meet all your expectations and needs. They are especially designed to not only save much more space, but also appear sophisticated to make the look of the room décor outstanding and organized. Feel free to click any corner shelf you find yourself interested.