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Planning to rearrange your home furniture?

Replacing the furniture can make a massive change, indeed. But make sure you get the stunning and appealing pieces. The best corner shelves can bring impressive outlook.

At the same time, they bring a sense of positive vibe around the room.

Feeling interested and planning for the best floating corner shelf? Well, we are here with several options. In this post, you will have all the necessary information and reviews about the shelves.

In this particular post, we have selected the best products for your disposal. The reviews here are unbiased so that the potential users can select the one knowing all the facts.

Let us begin the journey.

Why should you rely on us?

Well, this is an important point to consider. Why you should rely on our review?

We can explain it in the following way.

Before doing this review, we had several experiments with the products. Interviewing the users and sellers was a critical method to bring out the best. Simultaneously, we physically have investigated the products in the stores and checked the specifications.

Finally, we took recommendations about the products from first-hand users.

So, you can rely on us without a second thought. All of the selected products here are up to the mark, have their advantages. We pointed out some disadvantages as well to make you aware of the demerits.

Hope, you would find what you were looking for.

Best Corner Shelves Review


VASAGLE Industrial Corner Shelf for Home Office

Key features

  • Space-saving
  •  Versatile application
  • Durable construction


Trying to increase your home spaces? In that case, you can use the VASAGLE Industrial Corner Shelf for Home Office.

It will fit in every corners of your home or office. This shelf has a ladder shape, and the storage unit has lots of space, also. You will have a distinctive style in line with saving the space.

Assembling the shelf is hassle-free. Alongside using it in the living room or the bedroom, you can also put it in the bathroom to carry necessary accessories. And if you love mini gardening, never mind to put it in the balcony with your small plants.

The construction of the shelve is from iron and chipboard. So, it will last for a long time without any repair or remodeling. Each of the tiers on the shelve can carry the load amounting to 11 pounds.


  • Impressive outlook
  • Can place at corners
  • Easy cleaning feature
  • Four-tier open shelves


  • Assembly is difficult
  • Screw malfunction

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Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves

Key features

  • Easy mounting
  • Five-tier shelves
  • Compact dimension


If you need a fully functional corner shelf, Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves could be the best pick. The shelves can match with almost all types of home and office décor.

Mounting the shelves takes less time and the process is straightforward. They have a splendid outlook with a capacity to hold numbers of items.

Or, if you need something unique and space-saving for bedroom, this is the right one. You can use it in bathroom or living room as well.

Mounting it in the living room will allow you with the opportunity to showcase all of your collectibles in a single space.

The dimension of the shelf is 7.75 inches (L) X 7.75 inches (W) X 48.5 inches (H). So, it requires less space. Also, you will have the necessary mounting hardware with the package. The lucrative espresso finish makes it distinctive among other similar shelves.


  • Five-tier shelves
  • Wall mounting
  • Large storage
  • Suitable in different places


  • Need to assemble
  • Tiers may crack

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Coaster Home Furnishings CO-910035 Corner Bookcase

Key features

  • Saves space
  • Four tiers
  • Stylish outlook


If you love books and want to keep them organized all the time, this Coaster Home Furnishings CO-910035 Corner Bookcase is the perfect one.

It has ample space to showcase your books and other collectibles. On the other part, there are four tiers. So, you can place a notable number of showpieces.

Durability is another great feature of this product. Cause it is made of steel. So, no worries about longevity. The finish of the product is from copper – which makes the outlook appealing. The bookshelf saves space as you can place it to the corners of your room.

Each of the shelves can carry up to 25 pounds of weight, allowing you to store a moderate number of books in the tiers. The dimension of the product is 19.50 inches (width) X 15.25 inches (depth) X 70.50 inches (height).


  • Stylish and impressive outlook
  • Four tiers
  • Suits any room
  • Made from steel


  • Needs assembly
  • Weight is too low

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Casual Home 5-Shelf Corner Ladder Bookcase

Key features

  • Ladder style
  • Solid wood construction
  • Five shelves


If you want to have the right use of your bucks, then the Casual Home 5-Shelf Corner Ladder Bookcase is the suitable one for you.

It comes with five shelves and it saves spaces, also. Because of the solid wood construction, the shelf lasts longer, and there are no chances of rusting.

The bookcase is available in three finish options. It is retractable in length, also. The layout is classic and naturally matches perfectly with any type of home décor.

On the other part, it comes with a height of six feet – ample space to hold numbers of books and other collectibles.

At times, the assembly of the bookshelves is hard. But you have a relief here. It comes with easy assembly features. The dimension of the product is 72 inches (H) X 16 inches (W) X 16 inches (D) and it weighs only 14.25 pounds.


  • Five shelves
  • Several finishes
  • Wood construction ensures longevity
  • Effortless assembly


  • Bottom may crack
  • Too much lightweight

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Furinno Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Shelf

Key features

  • Smart design
  • Small size
  • Five tiers


Most of the living rooms are spacious, but the corners remain empty. With this Furinno Turn-N-Tube 5 Tier Corner Shelf, you can quickly fill the empty corners. It also comes with an impressive outlook and an appealing finish. Assembly of the shelf takes less time and effort.

Most of the people prefer the shelf for its proper size and shape. The affordable price range is the other positive aspect of this product.

You don’t need to struggle with the assembly. This is RTA (Ready to Assemble) furniture, which is an exciting and influential feature, indeed.

Cleaning and maintenance of the product also take less effort from the users. Using a damp cloth, you can clean the shelf in no time. But make sure you do not use any chemicals while cleaning.


  • Low-cost product
  • Simple style
  • Particle board construction
  • Fits almost everywhere


  • Shaky legs
  • Quality needs improvement

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Frenchi Home Furnishing 5-Tier Corner Stand

Key features

  • Five levels of storage
  • Effortless assembly
  • Durable product


Planning to decorate your bedroom? This Frenchi Home Furnishing 5-Tier Corner Stand could be the most suitable one.

It is from durable fiberboards that will render an extended service. Stability is the other feature in line with the effortless assembly. The product also takes less space to stand in corners.

On the other part, the shelves can carry a moderate amount of product on it. With the five shelves, you can showcase a wide variety of collectibles.

Dark Cherry color is another plus to hold attention of everyone. It’s a lightweight product and you can carry it easily anywhere.

The color also matches with almost all types of décors. It comes with a dimension of 13.4 inches X 13.4 inches X 50 inches, and it weighs seven pounds only.


  • Five tiers
  • Suitable for decorative items
  • Matches contemporary home décors
  • Stable legs


  • The screw may not match
  • Metal parts may come off

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IRIS USA, Inc. CX-3C 3-Tier Corner Curved Shelf

Key features

  • Three tiers
  • High weight tolerance capacity
  • Matches multiple styles


Many people need to have a shelf that comes with attractive design and features. This IRIS USA, Inc. CX-3C 3-Tier Corner Curved Shelf is the right one for them with its curved design that increases storage.

Though there are three tiers, you can display lots of things, including collectibles or decorative items. Also, you can position the furniture at a corner of your room, and it matches with all contemporary decorations.

The shelves can take a load of up to 13 pounds and the overall dimension is 10.75 inches (L) X 10.75 inches (W) X 10.83 inches (H). Therefore, the piece is suitable where the space is shorter to place a furniture.


  • Color and size available
  • Large space
  • Polished look
  • Three tiers


  • Assembly is slightly difficult
  • Colors are inconsistent

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XiaZ Corner Shelves Set of 3 Wall Mount Floating Shelf

XiaZ Corner Shelves Set of 3 Wall Mount Floating ShelfXiaZ Corner Shelves Set of 3 Wall Mount Floating Shelf

Key features

  • Wall mounting
  • High weight-bearing capacity
  • Saves space


For some intriguing outlook of your living area or the bedroom, you can use this XiaZ Corner Shelves Set of 3 Wall Mount Floating Shelf.

The overall appearance is highly attractive. On the other part, the weight-bearing capacity of the shelf is over 40 pounds.

If you want to have a personal display or display your elegant collectibles, get support from it. Mounting the shelf is not a big deal, while you can save spaces as well. The product is suitable to increase the beauty of your home or office.

Or, you can also use it inside your bathroom to hold your bathing accessories and ingredients. The dimension of the shelves is 10 inches X 10 inches, while the thickness is 0.6 inches. Made with bamboo, the products are available in natural color.


  • Installation hardware attached
  • Fits in different walls
  • Durable and saves space
  • Round edge for additional safety


  • Do not work on drywall
  • Stability is an issue

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What to look for when buying corner shelves?

Best corner shelves buying guide

Best corner shelves buying guide

If you are thinking of the best corner shelves, you need to consider some particular issues in mind. Finding the best floating corner shelf will require some investment of time and research.

You can have several shelves around. But it is not assured that all of those will be the perfect ones. So, you need to care about the facts below.

before you make the purchase, make sure the product is from durable materials. It is unwise to get some junks by spending hundreds of dollars.


A shelf is usable in various ways. But there are some shelves with low space and weird design. They have only limited applications. Thus, get a product that has mixed use.


The shelf should also come with a moderate weight carrying capacity. Try to get a shelf that can carry at least 5 pounds of weight.


  • Effortless assembly/ mounting

Simultaneously, you need to check the issue of mounting and assembly. Check the specification and ensure the product is comfortable to mount.



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Corner Shelves

Frequently Asked Questions About Corner Shelves

What is the best way to mount corner shelves?

Select a corner with ample space. There should not be any barriers around. Now, make drills on the place, and then hang the corner shelf on the position.


What is the best corner for shelves?

All the corners are suitable. But the most suitable corner is the ones that you have beside your bed or sofas in the living room. Or you can also use any space.


Last words

After this post, we can expect that you have developed some ideas about the best corner shelves. The products we have here are standard, and they also have a wide number of features. You can have the best floating corner shelf from any of those products, and display your collectibles.


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